The situation in the main countries is briefly described below, according to the work carried out by the expert Constanza Subijana of ESMADECO:


They are the pioneers in the application of Home Staining by the hand of Barb Schwarz who created the International Association of Home staging Professionals (IAHSP) in 1999.
Currently, 50% of the real estate that is sold or rented, were prepared with Home Staining.
The US real estate market is very well organized and professionalized: each territory has an assigned commercial agent, who must study and register to be able to practice and it is only real estate agencies that can market a property for sale or rent (unlike in Spain , which can be done by anyone). In addition, the Stager is adjusted to potential buyers or tenants by area according to “type profiles” predetermined by market studies and statistical data.
Another difference with Spain is that during the sale or rental process there is usually a presentation open to the interested public and a large event is organized where participants have the opportunity to make an offer for the property, winning the highest.
A common form of Home Staining in this country is to rent the furniture in the form of a loan until the house is sold or rented and after the operation is completed, they are removed. This system allows the furniture to be amortized and relocated to another property, bringing lower costs to the owner.
There is also the ‘Living Home Staing’, where a family is contracted to inhabit the property while it is for sale with a lower rental value than usual, with the commitment to keep it in perfect condition for visits, preventing the home from being deteriorate and you have to hire cleaning and repair companies.


They quickly understood the importance of Home Staining and are specialists in neutral and light colors (also known as Nordic colors). Its furniture industry is highly developed, as is the case with IKEA, and simple lines predominate.
Even the Scandinavian style, also known as Nordic, is current in many countries and is used by the Home staging since it creates pleasant environments by using natural materials such as wood and plants. It arose with the intention of creating clear and spacious environments where natural light is used as much as possible due to the few hours of sunshine in those countries, in which their inhabitants spend most of their time inside their homes, even weeks due to their freezing temperatures, they trying to recreate the outdoor environment and nature in their interior spaces.


The UK also soon introduced the technique with particular taste, where carpets and wallpapers are widely used. The market knows the work of Home Staining professionals and they are required in most sales. However, in Ireland the houses have a lower level, but the figure of the Home Staining expert also exists.


In 2016, an official association (Deucthe Gesellschaft für HS und Redesign (DGHR)) was created. Dedicated professionals are few and have strict regulations regarding contracts, studies, insurance; being an exclusive service for high-value properties.


Here it is implemented but the interventions that they carry out are not of great importance since they consider that the new owner will carry out the reforms, being a relooking service. Currently there is a private company called Home Staining Experts, which manages the market by charging a membership fee and carries out marketing activities to disseminate and make Home Staining known among individuals and agencies.


Here there are also two associations, one that dedicates its services to large projects called Associazione Professionisti Home Staing Italia (APHSI) from the year 2013 and the second HS Lovers that is dedicated to smaller projects and with a lower budget.


In Spain, the Spanish Home Staining Association (AHSE) was created in 2013 and currently has 80 members. To this day, most people are unaware of this technique, but it is gaining ground among professionals in the real estate industry who are recognizing the importance of preparing properties and the benefits that home staining brings.