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At Costa del Sol Interiors, experts in interior design in Málaga and Marbella, we provide you with a professional and comprehensive service for the design and decoration of your home or business.

Our continuous consultancy includes ideas and improvements in space distribution, and through 3D renders, you'll be able to visualize and refine details before execution, avoiding costly mistakes. We understand that your home and your investment are very important, and we want to accompany you so that you can live in the house of your dreams and increase the profitability of your real estate investment.

Diseñador de Interiores Malaga


Live in your dream home! We spend over 80% of our lives in enclosed spaces (homes, offices, establishments)... Isn't it worth living in unique, beautiful, and pleasant spaces?

Diseñador de Interiores Malaga


Sell fast and at the best price! It has been proven that with the Home Staging technique, properties sell 4 times faster and at a better price. Improve your sales and rental results.

interior designer malaga interior designer malaga


Increase the profitability of your short-term rental property! Studies show that after applying the Home Staging technique, properties are rented up to 85% of the time, increasing the nightly value by 50%.

Diseñador de Interiores Marbella


The most profitable investment on the Costa del Sol! We accompany you throughout the process of searching for opportunities, renovation and restyling, and subsequent sale, so you can achieve the best return on your investment!

Diseñador de interiores Marbella
Interior Design in Málaga and Marbella

Take a look at the Before and After of one of our projects:

Interior Design in Málaga and Marbella

How do we do it?


We get to know each other, either online or in person, and you tell us about your needs, preferences, and budget, so we can understand what you require and how we can assist you.

We analyze the project’s characteristics and provide a professional fee estimate, offering different plans and alternatives.

We take measurements, create 3D plans, and work alongside you, showing you the 3D renders so you can visualize the progress and enjoy the process.

We take care of sourcing all the materials, furniture, and decorations that best suit your needs, creating shopping lists that we can manage and receive if you wish.

If you wish, we can contact professionals and construction companies and monitor their progress, ensuring that the design and 3D renders closely resemble reality.

We are delighted to see our customers happy, transforming spaces into places where you will spend unforgettable moments, and that is our main mission.



Interior Designer Referral in Málaga

Finding a reliable interior designer referral in Marbella or Málaga, can be quite challenging. With every client and project being unique, opinions and references tend to vary widely. However, at Costa del Sol Interiors, we offer a different experience. We invite you to explore our portfolio of projects, showcasing compelling before-and-after results that speak for themselves.

Our work reflects not only our expertise but also our commitment to turning distinct visions into stunning realities.

What is the difference between an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator?

Interior Design focuses on the planning and creation of functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces. Interior designers work with structures, layout, lighting, and materials to enhance the quality of life for the users.

On the other hand, Interior Decoration concentrates on beautifying already designed spaces by adding decorative elements such as furniture, curtains, rugs, and accessories to give them personality and style. While Interior Design is more comprehensive and requires technical knowledge, Interior Decoration primarily focuses on aesthetic aspects.

What does an Interior Designer's Project in Málaga include?

An Interior Design Project encompasses a wide variety of elements depending on its needs and scope. It can range from planning and adapting a terrace to a comprehensive study based on ergonomics and space distribution, complete with 3D renderings, control and management of renovations, and kitchen design with turnkey delivery and cleaning included.

The extent of the project truly depends on your needs and how far you want to go. However, good interior design planning will prevent the need for constant adjustments in your home, allowing it to form a harmonious ensemble and increasing its value in the future.

What is my Decorative Style?

To discover your decorative style, explore your tastes, preferences, and personality. Find inspiration in magazines, social media, and online galleries.

However, the help of a professional interior designer is invaluable. They interpret your ideas, provide guidance, and create a coherent and unique environment that reflects your identity. Their experience and expertise will guide you towards the best design decisions, achieving a space that you’ll fall in love with.

Common Mistakes in Interior Design

The most common mistakes in interior design include neglecting functionality in favor of aesthetics, not utilizing space effectively, using colors and textures that don’t harmonize, or not considering appropriate lighting.

Having an interior designer is crucial as their experience and knowledge help avoid these costly mistakes.

When investing in the design of your home, it’s essential to do it right from the beginning, as the investment is a one-time occurrence, and we spend a significant amount of time in our environment. We want it to be a functional, pleasant space that reflects our personality.

Why hire an Interior Designer before starting a Renovation?

Hiring an Interior Designer in Málaga before starting a renovation is essential because their expertise guarantees a functional, aesthetic, and personalized design.

The designer takes into account your needs, style, and budget to create a cohesive and efficient plan. Their vision anticipates potential challenges and provides creative solutions, avoiding costly mistakes. Additionally, they optimize the space, improve the layout, and select suitable materials, ensuring a harmonious and high-quality outcome.

Early collaboration also speeds up the process and maximizes the value of the investment. In summary, an interior designer enriches the renovation experience, creating a space that reflects your personality and enhances your quality of life.

Reforms and Interior Design in Málaga.

Interior Decorator in Málaga, prices?

The prices of an Interior Designer can vary widely depending on the type of project and desired qualities.

At Costa del Sol Interiors, we tailor our services to fit each person’s budget, offering customized design solutions.

Interior decorator Málaga prices.

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